Having some perfume on fabrics feels like a soft touch. Fragrances customize home linen, refresh clothes, and let us smell our favorite scent on pillows with every move.


Musc Pure

A barefoot journey through a forest of centuries-old trees covered with leaves. Do you smell the understory notes? Musc Pure is an incredibly fresh bouquet of ferny and woody aromas. It brings together the original strong nature of Oak Musk and the gentle softness of White Musk. A determined Eau de Parfum that holds the unique charm of nature.



Dive into the bluest sea and swim with the waves of a fragrance that takes your heart and mind back to the Mediterranean coasts. Osmarine embodies all the intensity of the legendary Chinese Osmanthus flower combined with the freshness of an intense marine note of seaweeds and rocks. Sea and salt blend in a sweet and honeyed scent of freshly picked fruits. A soft fragrance wafts like Libeccio wind in August caressing the shoreline on a magic night under a starry sky.


Puro Fico

A pleasant walk under the fresh luxuriant fig trees. Do you smell a light aroma of hot Italian summers? An essence that combines the green woody aroma of fig leaves with the unforgettable sweetness of its juicy fruit. Puro Fico smells like summer, a mild breeze of fresh persistent notes that gently touch your skin. Have a walk down the beach and dive into the bluest Mediterranean sea.


Puro Lino

Just close your eyes and imagine the sheets flapping in the fresh spring air of a flower garden. The freshness that embraces everything in a pure touch. Puro Lino is a simple exquisite Eau de Parfum inspired by the clean aroma of linen hung in sun. It recalls peace and serenity of white sheets warmed by the wind. A light delicate gown, a pure gesture that accompanies us every day.


Puro Neroli

All energy of the Mediterranean Sea is held in an Orange flower among the sea and hills. A place where citrus groves watch the horizon and the aroma of Italy blends with the scent of the African continent. The exotic note of Tunisian Neroli is combined with the citrus vibrancy and Calabrian Bergamot. Puro Neroli smells like summer: intense, fresh, sweet and bitter.


Puro Talco

A gentle persistent Eau de Parfum that holds all light purity of talc. A pleasant mist evokes memories and reminiscences. Puro Talco is a sweet intense perfume with a floral bouquet of Iris, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla. Gentle caress that follows us through the day.

It takes a small gesture to refresh sheets, pillows, curtains, or our own undergarment. The fabric and textile perfume has gentle consistency, typical of Eau de Cologne. It is perfect for those who love spraying fragrance notes and smell endless freshness in every move. Citrus, floral and talc notes offer a burst of energy or regenerating escape. Have a personal touch and smell a personal scent on what is dear and intimate to you. Each fragrance evokes different sensations.

Citrus notes are the most vivid. They fill your fabrics with energy. Floral notes carry you away to that fresh sense of linen just hung out in the sun, while talcum notes tickle childhood memories.


To perfume fabrics, spray your fragrance about twenty centimeters away from a piece, be careful and do not point at the same area. Spray as many times as you want depending on the size of your textile. Spray once or twice in case of a pillow or undergarment. Use at least a double portion for curtains or sheets.