In our FAQ pages you will find answers to the most common questions to our customer service.

I cannot smell the scent of the Home Reed Diffuser after a while. Why?

If you spend some hours in the same room and feel that you cannot smell the scent in the air any longer, it can mean that your nose has got used to the fragrance to the point that it cannot catch it. It is a natural response of our body when we stay in the same room for a long period.

In this case, we recommend you using more than one fragrance (minimum two), in order to alternate the aroma in the rooms. If you have any further doubts, we invite you to read the guide on how to use Home Reed Diffusers.

In most cases, I had to flip the reed sticks of other Home Reed Diffusers that I used to buy more than once a week, if not every day. Why is it enough to flip your product only once a week?

Unlike other brands, the unique fragrance composition of Officina delle Essenze contains a higher alcohol content that naturally makes essential oils evaporate by themselves with no need to flip the Rattan sticks. It is a great advantage since flipping the sticks is one of the main reasons of fragrance consumption

I’ve been using my Reed Diffuser for a few weeks and the fragrance seems to run out quite fast. Why?

As you have already noticed the Home Reed Diffuser of Officina delle Essenze is distinguished by a taller and narrower part of the bottle. In fact, being smaller, compared to the rest of the bottle, the perfume in this part of the bottle seems to run out faster. In reality, it is just an impression! Once the fragrance reaches the widest part of the bottle, you will see that the level will go down slower.

This phenomenon is also due to the immersion of still dry Rattan sticks in liquid that seem to use it up faster, absorbing the essence for the first time. A few days after this phase, you will already notice the adjustment.

The colour in the Home Reed Diffuser has slightly changed. Why?

The fragrances of Officina delle Essenze consist of natural, colour free essential oils, and can change shades according to the light that they are exposed to. They can also have a slight sediment in the bottom of the bottle. These changes do not affect in any way the quality and the efficiency of the product; on the contrary, they testify how unique and precious the used raw materials are.

If I take away some sticks from the Home Reed Diffuser, will the essence run out slower?

When you remove the sticks from the mouth of the bottle’s neck, “exposing” the fragrance in the air, you achieve the exact opposite result that is to say a greater consumption of the perfume. For this reason, the number of sticks that come with every single diffuser is proportional to the size of the bottle’s mouth.

Can I apply a Room Spray on fabrics? For example, on curtains, sofas, moquettes, etc.?

The essences of Room Sprays are remarkable for their high percentage of essential oils. It makes them perfect for an instant use as they fill up the air with aroma right away.

At the same time, due to the high presence of oils, they can stain if sprayed directly on fabrics or furniture (in case of curtains and sofas). That is the reason why we recommend you using them differently! Just spray your Room Spray in the air to address the problem, leaving the fragrance settle gradually on the surface.

However, this is not the only reason why we do not recommend you spraying them on fabrics. In fact, the warp and weft hold the fragrance instead of spreading it in the air, making your gesture and expenses useless!

Are your fragrances cruelty-free?

Yes, they are. Our production is entirely cruelty-free. In fact, none of our raw materials are tested on animals or come from animal origins and never will.

Forms of payment and security

All purchases made on the Officina delle Essenze website are safe due to the SSL certificate and the HTTPS protocol accordingly. The offered methods of payment include only reliable and widely spread platforms, such as Banca Sella, PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay e Google Pay.

Bank transfer

In case of a bank transfer, the order will be valid only in case of the payment confirmation in our bank account. As of that date and within 24 hours the product will be packed and shipped by express delivery. The payment via bank transfer shall be made within 3 days from the order date. Upon the expiration date, the order will be automatically cancelled.

The payment purpose shall include the number of your order written both in the parcel right after the payment and in the automatic summary mail sent from the Officina delle Essenze website.

The bank transfer shall be addressed to as follows:

Officina delle Essenze srl
IBAN: IT16C0326803204052354991860

Credit card

In case of credit card payments, Officina delle Essenze uses Banca Sella platform, a reference bank for online payments (protected by cryptography and SSL certificate) and Stripe. Once the payment is authorized and the transaction is completed Officina delle Essenze undertakes to pack and ship the order within 24 hours via express courier.

Officina delle Essenze will not gain any personal information of the cardholder during any sessions of credit card payment, provided that the information is transmitted and encrypted directly to the reference banking system Banca Sella platform or Stripe.

If the Customer cancels the order, Officina delle Essenze undertakes to void the transaction and proceed with the cancellation of the relevant amount. The operation will take place within the term appointed by the banking system and will not depend on the Company that shall not be considered accountable for any delay.


Selecting PayPal payment, you can proceed with the credit card payment via PayPal or accessing your account. Once the payment is authorized and the transaction is completed, Officina delle Essenze undertakes to pack and ship the order within 24 hours via express courier.

If the Customer cancels the order, Officina delle Essenze undertakes to reimburse the received amount through the PayPal platform.

Amazon Pay

Thanks to Amazon Pay, you can use your Amazon account to pay the order, taking advantage of all payment information already registered in the American portal, including stored shipping addresses. You will need to log in on Amazon during the session and type your username and password in the automatic popup window.

Amazon offers designed and elaborated systems for payment via Amazon Pay, consequently they are completely safe.

I tried to pay with a credit card but the payment failed. What do I need to do?

If a payment by a credit card has failed, we recommend you trying a different platform, choosing among Banca Sella, Stripe or PayPal. If the payment by your credit card is still unsuccessful, the reason might be in the availability of your credit/ debit card or the platform of the mentioned card fails to authorize the payment procedure (e.g. the security code is not set, online payment is disabled).

What do I need to pay attention to when the courier delivers my order?

During delivery, the Customer is obliged to control the integrity of packaging (including closing tape). In case of tampering and/or damage the Customer shall immediately contest the delivery and attach in writing ‘Inspection control of goods for…”, stating the reason on the courier delivery note and take photos of the parcel. If the product results damaged, the Customer shall report the damage within 3 days from goods receipt in order to proceed with the replacement by Officina delle Essenze.

What happens if my order returns to Officina delle Essenze?

If the order returns to Officina delle Essenze for any reason related to the Customer’s negligence (e.g. failure to collect), a new shipment will take place only upon an advance payment of a new shipment. The sum will be added to the storage expenses of the courier (fifteen euros a day).

What is it about?

The right of withdrawal is governed by Italian law and protects the consumer (an individual only) if he/she wishes to return one or more products to the seller.


If you have made a purchase on our website and wish to exercise the right of withdrawal, it’s essential to meet the following pre-requisites:
1. The goods must be shipped intact, packed with a transparent film, if there is any, and must not be used. Not even once!
2. The shipment of the product is at the buyer’s expense. Officina delle Essenze offers mainly the shipment of a purchase at its own expense. For this reason, we do not provide any shipment at our expense for the return of the product.
3. The product must be shipped to our address: Officina delle Essenze srl, via degli Olmetti, 42 00060 Formello (RM) within 10 days of delivery by express courier.

Acceptance of the returned goods

Once the Company confirms the integrity of the goods (see pre-requisites), a full refund will be made by the already chosen mode of payment. Otherwise, the product will be sent back to the buyer at his/her own expense.



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