Moss fragrances evoke gentle and pungent aromas of undergrowth

When we smell moss nuances, we recall clean and fresh air of a forest at first morning light. The strong character of moss softens with the touch of the most gentle and fresh powdery notes or a fougère.

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White Musk

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Musc Pure


Unlike what you might think, the olfactive notes have very little to do with musk. In fact, moss and musk may seem synonyms but they have a completely different meaning that stays only within the similar sounds of two words.

In comparison to musk, the moss notes are the most vegetal ones that have ever been in the nature because they come from plants and moss from tree barks.

The olfactive notes of the Officina delle Essenze moss perfumes have a completely vegetal nature and are blended with the woody or powdery scents. Their aroma evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort. They are perfect to personalize wellness and relaxing rooms or perfume the body.

In order to create its moss perfumes Officina delle Essenze uses Fern, Vegetal Moss, White Moss and Oakmoss.