How to apply a perfume

How to apply a perfume

To apply a perfume means to create our own unique atmosphere. We wear perfumes because we want to express our own character and amaze or attract people around us.

The perfumery art lovers call it “a magic moment”. That particular moment when a touch of some fragrance drops gives off revealing its full essence. When a fragrance manifests itself, we leave a part of ourselves to others, a little piece of our life that we want to express through smell, probably one of the most powerful of the five senses. To make it happen it is important to choose the right perfume and know how to apply it.

Many people believe that it is enough to choose a good perfume, a niche fragrance that tends to last longer, or spritz it several times a day. But it does not stop here! In fact, some small tricks can help you make a fragrance last on your skin or create a so-called trail that was so dear to Coco Chanel.

Some points of our body are better to hold the fragrance longer on our skin, just like some fabrics.

Thanks to this guide, you will be able to find your routine, similar to some of the most famous people from the past who were truly passionate about perfumes.


The history is full of anecdotes on passion of some famous people. In fact, it is told that Cleopatra loved to fill the sails of the ships with her favourite perfume and it created her olfactory signature in the wind. Napoleon sprayed a cologne in abundance from head to toes, consuming up to sixty vials a month.

Although it may seem an exaggeration but it is obvious how important a fragrance can be for each one of us. We use it to seduce, charm or simply confirm our personality with determination and awareness. Yet why is it so important to know where to spray the perfume?

Using a fragrance is a question of manners. A small daily ritual to guard own style. However, in order to do it the best way, you must know mainly the right places to spritz the scent.

Not everyone knows that there are some strategic points to apply a perfume. In fact, to make it last long it is necessary to put it on the pulse points, areas where the blood pressure is more intensive. The skin tends to be warmer in these places and it enhances the olfactory notes of the sprayed fragrance under this influence.

How to apply perfume to make it last long


The most important areas to apply a perfume in drops or spray it to make it last longer are neck, wrists, elbow pit, belly, behind the earlobes and behind the knees.

Many of these areas are called movement points, just like in case of joints that allow the trail to develop when a person moves. Particularly, the scent opens up in the noses of people around us.

Where to apply a perfume to make it last long


Neck and back of the neck are the most common points to use a perfume. Among the most frequent methods is to put some drops of eau de parfum on the wrists (or spritz it) in order to apply on your neck and along the shoulder blades. If the target is to seduce, your neck is a strategic area to get the trail to a person around you. When you move, your partner will smell the fragrance.


Wrists are one of the most popular points of your body to use a perfume. But never rub vigorously a fragrance on the wrists. In fact, this instinctive movement tends to warm up your skin distorting the fragrance.

Rubbing the skin increases the heat and it alters the fragrance. It is better to let the perfume interact with classic body temperature of 37 degrees, resisting the instinct to rub your wrists.


Raise a hand who has not wetted the fingertips to put some drops of a perfume on the back of the ear. It is natural for both men and for women. It is another important area where you can feel your heartbeat. If your favourite niche perfume is a spray, it is better to aim for the back of the ears. This way you will avoid damaging your hair with Ethanol of the fragrance.

It is also about an almost natural area of application that goes well with all eau de parfum lovers. But it does not stop here! In fact, there are many other tricks to wear an eau de parfum to perfection, just like a tailor-made suit.


One of the strategic areas to apply a fragrance for a woman is between her breasts or on the belly. If you want to intensify the trail effect and intend to wear an above the knee dress, spray some perfume on the back of your knees.

Even though it is a very common habit, keep away from spritzing an eau de parfum directly on your hair. In order to avoid hair damage, it is better to use a lighter product, such as cologne water, with a less Ethanol content.

Perfume application woman


There are many tips on how to wear a perfume also for a man. In addition to the above mentioned pulse points of the body, it is advised to apply it on the chest or between the elbows. The fragrance particularly enhances in the last area between the textures of the fabrics leaving a pleasant trail of perfume notes.

How to wear perfume man


Besides knowing to perfection the olfactory anatomy, there are other tricks to apply and make your favourite perfume last all day:

  1. It is not enough only to spritz a perfume in the right places but it is important to always spray it on the clean skin, for example after a shower. When the skin is dirty, the fat covers the epidermis and prevents the fragrance from attaching;
  2. The type of perfume and its concentration can influence the yield and persistence over time. If your target is to make the fragrance last as long as possible, it is better to consider the differences between Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum;
  3. There are fabrics that retain the perfume better. The fabrics like wool, linen are recommended, while silk is to avoid. Usually loosely woven fabrics let the fragrance breathe without damaging clothes. To smell the perfume Coco Chanel made the edges of her clothes spritz. On the other hand, according to the sartorial tradition of Naples the collars of a jacket are the best places to hide some drops of a perfume and smell them all day.

Estée Lauder advises to plunge into the revitalizing freshness of a perfume and spray it at about 50 centimetres from your body. As soon as you dive into the perfume notes, they will gently cherish your skin and fabrics, moving like a vivid butterfly.

How to spray perfume to make it last all day

Once all required rules on how to apply and evaluate a perfume are considered, it is important to understand how your skin retains the perfume notes.

Not all types of the skin are identical and the pH influences the perfume persistence. The perfume notes react differently depending on the skin acidity, for example, the sweat can make a fragrance evaporate easier.

When a perfume is not “attached” to your skin, the trick is to carry your favourite eau de parfum always with you, perhaps have a vial in your purse.

How have you used your fragrance until now? Let us know by commenting on the post.


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