The essence gradually releases from the reed diffuser in the room

Reed diffusers are ideal for room decoration, both from an aesthetic and olfactory point of view. The original glass bottles designed and made in Italy are exquisite and elegant accessories to be placed on a coffee table, a dresser or a restroom shelf.

From 4,00  to 155,00 


This fragrance is the warm and seductive touch of the most traditional among all the oriental notes. Amber, known as Ambra, is a precious and exciting perfume which gives you sensations of charming sweetness, intense well-being and vivid sexy dreams. An authentic aphrodisiac potion, which is red as the passion of lips looking to the sunset.

From 4,00  to 155,00 


An amber mix that recalls one of the most famous Bitter in the world: a secret cocktail with plants and spices with an intense scent. Angostura is like a door open to a metropolitan speakeasy with embracing jazz notes. With this fragrance your space will be lively, exclusive and full of pleasures.

From 4,00  to 155,00 

Black Pepper

A travel to the borders of India across the sensual hills of Malabar: Black Pepper, known as Pepe Nero, recalls a refined oriental atmosphere. The king of spices freshly pressed with hot, dark and sharp tones enlivens the air and infuses energy in the space. A mysterious, amber and sparkling flavor that spreads into the room an intense and vivid passion.

From 4,00  to 155,00 

Blueberry & Grape

The sweet juicy flavor of the grapes enlivens the air with a fruity essence where the notes of Strawberry and Blueberry melt together. Blueberry & Grape, known as Uva Fragola, suggests the whole delicacy of a sugary perfume with original gourmand nuances. A travel between grapes and undergrowth sampling the taste of a delicious dessert in the atmosphere. The natural fragrance for a perfect dulcis in fundo.

From 4,00  to 155,00 

Cinnamon & Orange

A walk among citrus groves looking for peace and serenity. Cinnamon & Orange, known as Arancia & Cannella, blends together the sweetness of the orange from Sicily with the more aromatic notes of cannella from Ceylon. The mild and crispy flavor of a fragrance that relaxes and welcomes you in every space. A perfume carved into the peel and the spicy notes of the legend.

From 4,00  to 155,00 


The sensual effusion of a white walk on the water’s edge before a dive in the blue Mediterranean. Fig, known as Puro Fico, spreads in the air the sparkling perfume of the fig leaves with the vivid sweetness of its luxurious fruit. A juicy breeze which brings you into the legend by sensing the breath of wood and the green aroma of nature.

From 4,00  to 155,00 


Geranium is like the mild perfume of a luxuriant garden: a fragrance that suits your space with its sweet bouquet with Lavender from Provenza and anti-mosquitoes properties. Flower notes that relieve you from everyday stress and relax your soul after a long working day. Geranium, known as Geranio, is the green freshness of a springy recall.

From 4,00  to 155,00 

Lime & Lemon

The freshness of a fragrance that quenches the air, awakens the senses and purifies the space. Lime & Lemon is a scented bouquet with citrus-like notes containing the sharpness of the lemon and the intense scent of the lime. An energizing fragrance which enhances each moment of sparkling vitality to invigorate body and soul.

From 4,00  to 155,00 


A crispy fragrance to breath: Liquorice, known as Liquirizia, fills the atmosphere with a sweet, juicy and refreshing note which has a fresh Mint nuance. Tasting a black candy gives intense sensations like a strong but gentle breeze which restores your soul and bites the air with its penetrating scent.

From 4,00  to 155,00 

Morning Forest

The crispy morning air echoes in a panorama of firs. Morning Forest, known as Fresco Bosco, is an uphill walk at dawn among evergreens with a lukewarm sun rising behind the glacier. The typical smell of alpine paths and the sound of the steps on the fallen leaves while the fresh breeze of the wood invigorates the soul.

From 4,00  to 155,00 


The sweet essence of the orange flowers with the vivacity of freshly picked citrus fruits Neroli brings within the entire summer energy. A squash of freshness that dissolves the walls into a trompe-l’oeil of citrus groves beyond the borders of Tunisia. It’s Mediterranean wellness at its purest form.

From 4,00  to 155,00 


The oriental breeze welcomes and restores everyone by generating an atmosphere full of serenity and magic. Patchouli gives each space a deep harmony thanks to its precious bouquet of aromatic leaves. An exotic and mild path which brings persuasive energy within. Earth nuances that vibrate in the air in a hot and spicy embrace full of passion.

From 4,00  to 155,00 


The sweet fruity taste of pomegranate freshly pressed. Pomegranate, known as Melograno, gives to your rooms the red freshness of nature. An elixir that spreads well-being with its sweet notes and Mediterranean flavor. A joyful breeze that comes into your home through the windows, purifies the atmosphere and enlivens the soul.

From 4,00  to 155,00 

Pure Linen

White sheets blown up by the wind and warmed by the sun on a blossomed grass. Pure Linen, known as Puro Lino, spreads in the air a fresh and yet refined laundry perfume: it’s like an April day knocking at the windows to recall timeless scents and memories. The pureness of a light and bright dress that decorates the walls with a mild peacefulness.

From 4,00  to 155,00 

Rum & Black Currants

An intense cocktail with the fruity tones of blackcurrant and rum. Rum & Black Currants, known as Rum & Cassis, is the perfect mixture between the sweetness of the liquor and the depth of the wood. A spirit enriched by the ageing in barrique which reveals the atmosphere of an exclusive club with suffused lighting. A place where you are being told stories of real life in the traces of time.

From 4,00  to 155,00 

Sardinian Myrtle

This fragrance is like a dive along Chia coast between uncontaminated beaches and amazing sunsets. Sardinian Myrtle infuses the authentic pureness of wild notes everywhere. A fragrance that recalls the beauty of an evening on the water’s edge with the invigorating zephyr blowing besides the bushes. With Sardinian Myrtle, known as Mirto di Sardegna, you can always feel on vacation even if you are on the other side of the world.

From 4,00  to 155,00 

Sea Breeze

A walk among the rocks breathing the intense and salted Mediterranean perfume. Sea Breeze, known as Brezza Marina, spreads into the rooms the freshness of the waves crashing on the cliffs. It’s like the vibrant smell of the wind blowing from the pinewood and bending the foliage of the trees. Sea Breeze is the sparkling magic of a sea becoming a starry sky during the night.

From 4,00  to 155,00 


Sicily shares a timeless journey to discover a great Palermitano pastry. It is a dense, rich, and liqueur-like fragrance where Almond paste, Orange peel, and Vanilla intertwine in a warm and deep emotion. A fragrance to enjoy as though one was on the colorful and beautiful island of Sicily.

From 4,00  to 155,00 


A soft pureness enwraps all the rooms with a magic spell. Talc, known as Talcum, is the intense and long lasting fragrance that recalls the gratifying perfume of our childhood. A dive into past memories which evokes beautiful sensations of pure tenderness. A cloud of baby powder spreads a mild and light spell into the atmosphere.

From 4,00  to 155,00 

Tangerine & Spices

Candles like tangerine peels which scent the atmosphere with a warm aroma of homemade desserts, cinnamon and nutmeg. Tangerine & Spices, known as Scorze & Spezie, is a citrous bouquet with spicy notes which embodies the entire warmth of Christmas. It’s the coziness of a fragrance to live in the family near a hot fireplace which heats up your heart in the middle of the winter season.

From 4,00  to 155,00 


The orchids of a blossomed garden give off an aphrodisiac perfume which is passion, stylishness and sensuality in its purest state. Vanilla, known as Vaniglia, is a warm and soft fragrance that gives relax to every room thanks to its sweet nuances of caramel. A perfume with precious berries and gourmand notes that preserve the epic taste of heaven.

From 4,00  to 155,00 

White Musk

Under the shadow of a heavenly wood a grass encloses the trees with a magic scent of cleanliness. White Musk, known as Muschio Bianco, is a fresh and powdery fragrance with woody nuances which enwraps your home with a pure softness. A delicate and crispy perfume with sweet notes that covers the atmosphere with a white and soft embrace.

From 4,00  to 155,00 

Woody Rose

Woody Rose, known as Legno di Rosa, is a woody long lasting fragrance inspired by the rose-colored trunk of original trees from Amazonia. A sweet essence of precious shavings wetted by the rain. The divine fragrance that quenches the air with the freshness of the trunk: it’s a real call of the wild.

Reed diffusers underline the beauty of any space with a personal touch

The fragrance notes evaporate through Rattan reeds, decorating a room and creating a pleasant olfactory atmosphere. A continuous presence of citrus and delicate fruit accords. Handmade fragrances that fill the air with warm feelings hour after hour.

From liquid to a Rattan reed, a light and fully natural fragrance does not need any over-heating plugs nor special attention; instead, it spreads in the air in complete autonomy thanks to high quality essential oils. A valuable piece of furniture, a fruit of that Italian know-how, that should be proudly displayed. A happy combination of creativity and craftsmanship.


How to use a reed diffuser?

The essence gradually and continuously diffuses in the air through Rattan reeds, perfect for absorbing the fragrance and diffusing it in the air hour after hour. To use a reed diffuser, simply remove a cap and insert all reeds in the glass bottle. Remember to flip the reeds not more than once a week.

How long does a diffuser last?

Every reed diffuser has its minimum and maximum longevity. The life of each fragrance is closely connected to a selected format and characteristics of a required room. The external factors such as draft, air conditioner, stoves or open windows make a difference. Consult the reed diffuser instructions that come in each package to learn about the exact shelf life of the reed diffuser.

Diffusore con bastoncini da capovolgere

Why to use reed diffusers?

Thanks to the inner side of Rattan reeds, the fragrance smoothly diffuses in the air. It is a good practice to flip the reeds every now and then in order to keep vivid the essential oils.

By flipping the reeds, on the one hand, you increase the diffusion of the perfume in the air and on the other hand, intensify its consumption. Tip: follow this operation not more than once a week in order to keep the longevity of the product.

Come usare il diffusore per ambienti

How to choose the right reed diffuser for your room?

To choose the right home reed diffuser is as easy as it is exciting. Consult our website for the description to each reed diffuser and learn unique suggestions offered by the creator of our fragrances and guidelines related to the best area for each scent: rooms of the house, professional studios, lounges and restrooms. Moreover, the most curious ones can identify their favorite mood trying different fragrances, by selecting one of the retailers of Officina delle Essenze.

The essence of a room is inside its scent. Thanks to our smell, we can seize the personality, its most intimate character and secret potential.

The elegant transparent glass of reed diffusers gives a new look to your home

The feeling of freshness diffuses with a citrus fragrance, an intense relaxation spreads in the air with a sweat bouquet thanks to a warm and sensual embrace of an oriental note. Different nuances that brighten our space filling the places we live every day with a new meaning while we look for a feeling of a complete comfort.