Officina delle Essenze is a family owned artisanal factory. Our production is entirely made in Italy and our philosophy has the quality of the products as its core within a meticulous attention to all the steps of the creation. We use the same approach in our relations with the customers and all the realities we deal with. We work for the people and with the people and human relationships are the most important thing to us. For this reason Officina delle Essenze respects and will always respect your privacy.

Our website is the extension of our business, we have developed it with the aim to offer a direct access to our artisanal production. A place where you can discover the history of our company as well as you will satisfy your curiosity, a site through which you can keep up-to-date with all our products. By the tools used on our site we can improve the usability of our online shopping and the information to the customers, and by doing this we have the maximum respect of your personal data and your privacy. We help you in your online and offline shopping with our emails and our social media. We advise you about our promotions at our official retailers and about the events we organize in your city and much more through our newsletter.

Respect is our key word and you will never receive invasive emails or intrusive contacts. We consider you friend and when you need information or to solve a problem we will get in touch with you using the tools you have provided us with.

All your data are managed by our inner Customer Care and with our external suppliers we use high level encryption technology and advanced security measures. We will not sell your information to any third parties and your data will be used only to deliver the best possible customer experience with our products and our web site. If we know your shopping predilections we can offer the best products suitable for you. We are here to listen to your needs and if you have any doubt please write to us.

If you are curious you can deepen the issue by reading the complete version of our privacy policy shown below.

Privacy Policy