This is the history of a small perfume shop in the heart of Rome, which has become a company whose supreme value is the Made in Italy

Olfaction is beyond doubt the most important of all five senses. An eau de parfum reveals a lot about a person who is wearing it. Fragrances can make unique a person or a location and Officina delle Essenze creates its products to give this exclusiveness. This is the history of a small perfume shop in the heart of Rome, which has become a company whose supreme value is the Made in Italy.


In the 50’s the Lembo family had a perfume shop in the historic centre of Rome. Those were the boom years: the middle class ladies used to do some shopping in the craftsmen’s workshops and the first runabouts travelled across Italy. It’s the Dolce Vita period and the Fiat Cinquecento car soon became a status symbol while the whole world was watching Italy. Foreign people loved Cinecittà and they craved Italian products with their unique style and quality. In a short time the creative inspiration of that period, which was made of intuition, luxury and uniqueness, would be exported all over the world under the brand of Made in Italy.

Lembo perfumery in Rome
Lembo's family perfumery in Rome in 1962

This is the charming background where Maurizio Lembo’s dream was born. He established his own company inspired by his father’s perfume shop, where customers could find historic brands such as Guerlain, Coty, Caron, Penhaligons, Creed, Chanel and Lanvin. Maurizio Lembo maintains the entire allure of the golden times of perfumery as he first met it in his family-owned shop. This is the reason why he can always instill it in his own creations. His brand Officina delle Essenze was born in the year 2001 and soon started to operate in the niche and artistic perfumery segment.


Since its birth, sixteen years ago, Officina delle Essenze has been a synonymous of craftsmanship and luxury as well. It’s a family-owned company which creates with the same Italian know-how that set the made in Italy unrivaled in the world.

Officina delle Essenze is a synonymous of craftsmanship and luxury as well, it’s the response to the search of a well-being through a product of high artistic value

The brand identity of Officina delle Essenze is well identified by its image: the red colour which signifies the passion of a project made of dreams when it is carried on; the luxury of a product which is refined in every detail as a result of a strict selection of retailers and suppliers; the emotion of a consumer that looks for a wellbeing through a high artistic valuable product.

Caldo Gourmand at Esxence Fair 2017
Officina delle Essenze at Esxence Fair 2017
Puro Neroli at Esxence Fair 2017


In each contest an ideal design made so precious and refined in order to represent a unique object

The customer that chooses Officina delle Essenze deserves only the best, therefore high quality is the most important value. The company is always working to improve even the slightest detail such as the composition of the bouquet of fragrances. The customer is the core of our business and is always an incentive for our constant research. Meanwhile we never set apart the handcrafted process which entitles Officina delle Essenze to be a genuine representative of Made in Italy.

Made in Italy map

The person who chooses the products by Officina delle Essenze enjoys to take care of himself and his home. It’s someone who is looking for a refined Eau de Parfum as well as an ideal design in each contest, made so precious and refined in order to represent a unique object; someone who is looking for that exact detail he cannot do without it. That’s why each experience with Officina delle Essenze products is original and incomparable.


Since 2001, when Maurizio Lembo established his company, many goals have been achieved. Nowadays Officina delle Essenze products are distributed in Italy and abroad in Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, Holland, England, Switwerland, Belgium, Russia and Baltic countries, with more than 200 points of sales in niche perfume shops and concept store.



Last year, thanks to Internet and new media, Officina delle Essenze has developed to acquire new market shares and to reach new consumers. This improvement led to important changes: an inside marketing division and the introduction of a new packaging for Home Fragrance Diffusers. Social media and Officina delle Essenze web site are both important channels of communication that help to consolidate the brand in the market of niche perfumery and not only there. Officina delle Essenze is thinking of the years to come and moves forward but it’s still maintaining its origins and its handcrafted spirit.