Water is a key element of marine fragrances

Having seawater as their key element, marine perfumes accompany our smell on an olfactive journey across the Mediterranean atmosphere. They are also known as ozonic or aquatic fragrances.

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Sea Breeze

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Sea Breeze

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Marine fragrances are fresh and light. They draw inspiration from the sense of freedom, a distinctive feature of summer time. These perfumes are perfect for those who love exploring by travelling light under full sails. For those who like recalling in every moment of their life the smell of days sunbathing at the seaside.

Officina delle Essenze blends the aquatic aromas, classic scents of this olfactive family, with the floral and aromatic notes. Just like a delicate Chinese osmanthus that enriches Osmarine by giving intensity or an evergreen juniper and maritime pine in Sea Breeze (Brezza Marina), a fragrance with aquatic and aromatic notes.

These are the fragrances to be discovered by those who want to indulge in luxury of a room spray with the seawater aroma and those who love to enjoy summertime 365 days a year.