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You can grant yourself a valuable olfactory experience inside your vehicle thanks to the new Car Fragrance Kits. It is a must accessory. Four journeys to discover in order to make your vehicle a comfortable and elegant place that speaks out for you.

The car fragrances come with a small exquisite box that is conveniently stored inside the glove box of the dashboard. There are three 25 ml room sprays to perfume your passenger compartment.

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Car Fragrance Kit enhances the experience of driving with stylish perfumed notes

It’s a new way of driving which is enriched by an original soundtrack. It’s a daily gesture which creates addiction to it because it’s so simple yet invaluable. Thanks to the Car Fragrance Kit you can indulge yourself to have a voyage with new extraordinary sensations. Your car will be cosier and you will love it as any other domestic space.

Car Fragrance kit set di profumi viaggio
Dolomiti Car Fragrance Kit
Mediterraneo Car Fragrance Kit
Oriente Car Fragrance Kit
Toscana Car Fragrance Kit


The crisp white mountain top shines under the sun. When you raise your head towards those bright reflections, you get imbued with the spirit of the mountain conceived from nature and wood. You climb and descend. Rough terrain breaks down under the hiking boots as you walk along millennium trees. Experience the strength and power of the mountain in an olfactory journey that makes your vehicle exclusive.


The vehicle makes the last turn heading the sea and the eyes fill up with the endless and magnificent crystal blue. A small fishing village drowses while gentle lapping of the waves moves the boats ashore. Immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, we experience a journey of multiple peculiarities: from the sublime seabed to the pleasant strolls along paths of green. Vital energy gives off and pampers our smell with legendary scents.


The Orient is the destination of thousands shades. A journey full of life and wild nature and, on the other hand, warm and peaceful places where you meditate and connect with the most intimate part of your soul. Life moments are embraced inside the amber liquid of fragrances inspired by The Thousand and One Nights. A seductive trail of energy at the sight of indelible Indian sunsets.


Green hills stand out among the curves of a countryside filled with golden reflections of the sun. Curved valleys go along meadows, chestnut and cypress trees giving endless shades of yellow. Tuscany is, first and foremost, a journey of the senses, like those that you experience during a stroll along Chianti vineyards. A pathway that encourages to discover own roots among Sundays spent with our family, tinkling of pots and pans and distant memories that take new fragrance shapes.

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7 reviews in English for Car Fragrance Kit

  1. Avatar for Jelena, an Officina delle Essenze customer
    The best review according to Officina delle Essenze!
    Jelena has actually purchased Car Fragrance Kit


    We ordered these fragrances for our car and are very pleased with them, our car now smells very nice. Delivery was very fast. We are completely satisfied with the service. Thanks for the samples! We will order more!

  2. Avatar for Arina, an Officina delle Essenze customerArina has actually purchased Car Fragrance Kit


    Great Car Fragrance Kit. Anyone will find his/her favourite. Very handy size! There is always one in my dashboard. Makes a great Christmas present which I am stocking up early to avoid further disappointment. My favourite lush one is Uva Fragola! Highly recommending.

  3. Avatar for Vaida Morkūnaitė, an Officina delle Essenze customerVaida Morkūnaitė has actually purchased Car Fragrance Kit

    Vaida Morkūnaitė

    I know Officina delle Essenze for a long time. I had Rum & Cassis fragrance at home and I very loved it. I chosen their car fragrances because are a perfect item for winter season. Their perfumes are strong and long lasting smells. 100% I would reccomend this brand to all my friends!

  4. Avatar for Habib, an Officina delle Essenze customer


    I love so much your parfum!

  5. Avatar for Alina, an Officina delle Essenze customerAlina has actually purchased Car Fragrance Kit


    I bought this last week, got yesterday to Ireland. Fast shipping, nice packaging. Now my car smell so elegant, thanks so much will make order soon. Thanks for samples!

  6. Avatar for Olga, an Officina delle Essenze customerOlga has actually purchased Car Fragrance Kit


    I haven’t tried the fragrances as I bought those as a gift, but delivery was really fast, packaging is super cute and also the free samples were a pleasant surprise! Loved those 💚 Thank you!

  7. Avatar for Cédric Daumas, an Officina delle Essenze customer
    The best review according to Officina delle Essenze!
    Cédric Daumas has actually purchased Car Fragrance Kit

    Cédric Daumas

    The Car Fragrance Kit is so fresh, I recommend it a lot!

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Tips for better use
Spray the fragrance two or three times, pointing the nozzle at the vehicle’s carpet

Spray the fragrance two or three times, pointing the nozzle at the vehicle’s carpet

Do not spray the perfume directly on your vehicle’s dashboard or seats!

The essential oils of the fragrance can stain fabrics or leather surfaces. Do not spray the perfume directly on your vehicle’s dashboard or seats!

Keep the Car Fragrance Kit inside the glove compartment after use

Keep the Car Fragrance Kit inside the glove compartment after use

Enjoy your trip with the selected car fragrance

Enjoy your trip with the selected car fragrance

In compliance with legal requirements, as home fragrances may come into contact with your skin or eyes, be ingested, improperly disposed, etc., Officina delle Essenze recommends consulting in advance the warnings specified in the respective safety data sheet (CLP Regulation).

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