The candle's warmth embraces the environment in a scented hug

Scented candles embellish spaces, instantly creating a warm and embracing atmosphere. Their delicate light, paired with Officina delle Essenze fragrances, fills the space with the warmth of fire. In just a few minutes, every room turns into a cozy and enchanting place, allowing you to immerse yourself in a feeling of absolute relaxation.


Blueberry & Grape

The sweet juicy flavor of the grapes enlivens the air with a fruity essence where the notes of Strawberry and Blueberry melt together. Blueberry & Grape scented candle, known as Uva Fragola, suggests the whole delicacy of a sugary perfume with original gourmand nuances. A travel between grapes and undergrowth sampling the taste of a delicious dessert in the atmosphere. The natural fragrance for a perfect dulcis in fundo.



The sweet fruity taste of pomegranate freshly pressed. Pomegranate scented candle, known as Melograno, gives to your rooms the red freshness of nature. An elixir that spreads well-being with its sweet notes and Mediterranean flavor. A joyful breeze that comes into your home through the windows, purifies the atmosphere and enlivens the soul.



Sicily shares a timeless journey to discover a great Palermitano pastry. It is a dense, rich, and liqueur-like fragrance where Almond paste, Orange peel, and Vanilla intertwine in a warm and deep emotion. A scented candle to enjoy as though one was on the colorful and beautiful island of Sicily.


Tangerine & Spices

Candles like tangerine peels which scent the atmosphere with a warm aroma of homemade desserts, cinnamon and nutmeg. Tangerine & Spices, known as Scorze & Spezie, is a citrous bouquet with spicy notes which embodies the entire warmth of Christmas. It’s the coziness of a scented candle to live in the family near a hot fireplace which heats up your heart in the middle of the winter season.

Scented candles enrich spaces with a unique and personal touch

The warmth of the flame awakens the fragrances, diffusing them gently and transforming the air into a soft mantle of scent. Choose the best candle to scent your home. A gesture of elegance and intimacy that becomes addictive. A light and completely natural fragrance, requiring neither electricity nor special attention but autonomously diffusing in the atmosphere. A precious furnishing complement to proudly display, a product of that unique Italian craftsmanship, a happy fusion of creativity and artisanship.


How to use scented candles

The scent is released by the candle consistently due to the flame gradually melting the wax, turning it into a liquid and allowing the fragrance to evaporate. As the hours pass, the aromatic notes release into the air, enveloping the environment in a constant and embracing olfactory symphony.

To light the candle, simply ignite the wick, remembering to keep the length at 0.8 mm between each lighting. Each time, we recommend letting the flame burn for a few hours to ensure all the wax becomes liquid on the surface. This prevents the risk of hollows forming around the wick during subsequent uses, ensuring even burning and extending the candle’s duration.

It is also vitally important never to leave the candle burning unattended, limiting continuous use. Additionally, avoid moving the candle when it’s lit or while the wax is still liquid.

Where to place scented candles

Before lighting the candle, ensure to choose an appropriate location, preferably a flat and stable surface resistant to heat. Avoid placing it near drafts or on easily damaged surfaces. Ensure the surrounding area is free from flammable objects and there are no obstructions around the scented candle that could hinder its burning.

Christmas gift candle

Position it in a safe place, out of reach of pets or children. Adhering to these simple guidelines not only ensures a pleasant and safe experience but also preserves the integrity of your home or the space where the candle is used.

Wick maintenance

Wick maintenance is crucial to ensure efficient and safe burning of the candle. Before lighting, ensure the wick is about 0.8 mm long, removing any charred residues.

Cut the wick periodically to maintain the candle

This practice prevents excessive smoke and keeps the flame steady, not staining the underlying wax. Also, during use, ensure the wick’s lighting point remains clean and free from wax residue or other debris. Regular maintenance not only extends the scented candle’s life but also ensures even, smoke-free burning, providing a pleasant and safe experience during use.

When to consider the candle finished

Recognizing when to consider the candle finished is crucial for safety. In general, it’s advisable not to let the candle burn to the very end, as when the remaining wax reaches about a centimeter from the bottom of the container, there’s a risk of excessive heat, eventually leading to glass breakage. Keeping a small amount of wax in the container prevents the risk of overheating or damage to the surrounding surface during the candle’s last phase of burning. Respecting these limits not only ensures safety but also allows full enjoyment of scented candles in a responsible manner.

In compliance with legal requirements, as candles may come into contact with your skin or eyes, be ingested, improperly disposed, etc., Officina delle Essenze recommends consulting in advance the warnings specified in the respective safety data sheet (CLP Regulation).