Travel across perfumed notes through luxurious artistic creations

Choosing the right Eau de parfum for us it’s like a ritual and a whim. It’s a luxurious opportunity we can’t back out of. Each fragrance it’s like a merry-go-round of emotions which leads us to other sensations: it can be romantic, seductive, sporty, adventurous, passionate and delicate. It’s not a one-way road but a circle beginning and ending with an encounter. Perfumed notes which touch our nose and suddenly hit us, and by evaporating they give us nuances and emotions. They constitute a precious event, a close encounter which belongs to us.

From 4,00  to 98,00 

Caldo Encens

The spirit of the Mediterranean East wears a magic fragrance permeated with incense notes. It is a light clear Eau de Parfum with refreshing crisp nuances of Frankincense and a balsamic note of Pine resin. Catch a hot wind crossing the desert on the Tuareg footsteps amid sand dunes and alluring oasis in the shade of tall olibanums. Caldo Encens is a mysterious journey to the borders of Mesopotamia in search of precious gold that lights up every moment with charm.

From 4,00  to 98,00 

Caldo Fruttato

A mysterious oasis in a remote continent, a unique sensual fusion of two different olfactory accords. Caldo Fruttato is an Eau de Parfum with sweet oriental notes where Vanilla, Cinnamon and Amber blend with the most pungent notes of Black Currant and Raspberry. It is an original feminine fragrance with seductive, exotic and sour-sweet synergy.

From 4,00  to 98,00 

Caldo Gourmand

A magic touch of pure femininity that is worth biting, pampering and lighting up with passion. A unique fragrance that makes your skin desire an overwhelming flavour of sweetness. Caldo Gourmand is a gentle bouquet enriched with Vanilla and made precious with a gourmand Caramel note. A soft Eau de Parfum steps in and fills every moment with desire. It encourages you to conquer with its hot sensuality. No rivals.

From 4,00  to 98,00 

Caldo Legnoso

Dive in the warmth of an exotic atmosphere, right to the roots of a mysterious plant with unique properties. A strong powerful Eau de Parfum that evokes the intense colours of the sunset along the Indian coasts of Kerala. Caldo Legnoso is a rich original fragrance born out of precious Sandalwood from Malabar. A persistent vigorous essence with a strong spirit that reaches new nuances each time.

From 4,00  to 98,00 

Caldo Orientale

Welcome to a passionate One Thousand and One Nights fairy tale. An exotic bouquet that will get you lost in the fantasies of young Shahrazād. Caldo Orientale is a sensual fragrance that combines a fine exciting Gardenia together with a bittersweet Neroli and an Arabic note of Myrrh, a gift for the balsamic and aromatic perfume. An oriental elegance for an enchanting night.

From 4,00  to 98,00 

Musc Pure

A barefoot journey through a forest of centuries-old trees covered with leaves. Do you smell the understory notes? Musc Pure is an incredibly fresh bouquet of ferny and woody aromas. It brings together the original strong nature of Oak Musk and the gentle softness of White Musk. A determined Eau de Parfum that holds the unique charm of nature.

From 4,00  to 98,00 


Dive into the bluest sea and swim with the waves of a fragrance that takes your heart and mind back to the Mediterranean coasts. Osmarine embodies all the intensity of the legendary Chinese Osmanthus flower combined with the freshness of an intense marine note of seaweeds and rocks. Sea and salt blend in a sweet and honeyed scent of freshly picked fruits. A soft fragrance wafts like Libeccio wind in August caressing the shoreline on a magic night under a starry sky.

From 4,00  to 98,00 

Oud Gourmand

An intense kiss of two hearts united by a passionate destiny. Do you feel the intense romance and bouquet of a sultry embrace? Oud Gourmand is the fragrance of the opposites. It is passionate and avid, cunning and direct. The natural sweetness of feminine accords blends with the masculine roughness for an unprecedented and amazing result. The oriental Oud note merges with gourmand nuances of Vanilla and Coconut. The gentle nature of Caramel slips into the woody notes of leather and makes them sweet and sensual. An embrace that melts like liquid gold transforming the dual Oud spirit into a unique, spellbinding and precious creation.

From 4,00  to 98,00 

Puro Fico

A pleasant walk under the fresh luxuriant fig trees. Do you smell a light aroma of hot Italian summers? An essence that combines the green woody aroma of fig leaves with the unforgettable sweetness of its juicy fruit. Puro Fico smells like summer, a mild breeze of fresh persistent notes that gently touch your skin. Have a walk down the beach and dive into the bluest Mediterranean sea.

From 4,00  to 98,00 

Puro Lino

Just close your eyes and imagine the sheets flapping in the fresh spring air of a flower garden. The freshness that embraces everything in a pure touch. Puro Lino is a simple exquisite Eau de Parfum inspired by the clean aroma of linen hung in sun. It recalls peace and serenity of white sheets warmed by the wind. A light delicate gown, a pure gesture that accompanies us every day.

From 4,00  to 98,00 

Puro Neroli

All energy of the Mediterranean Sea is held in an Orange flower among the sea and hills. A place where citrus groves watch the horizon and the aroma of Italy blends with the scent of the African continent. The exotic note of Tunisian Neroli is combined with the citrus vibrancy and Calabrian Bergamot. Puro Neroli smells like summer: intense, fresh, sweet and bitter.

From 4,00  to 98,00 

Puro Talco

A gentle persistent Eau de Parfum that holds all light purity of talc. A pleasant mist evokes memories and reminiscences. Puro Talco is a sweet intense perfume with a floral bouquet of Iris, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla. Gentle caress that follows us through the day.

Officina delle Essenze creates many Eau de Parfum which are inspired by different personalities in order to interpret the histories they wish to live. All of them are original Made in Italy fragrances which are composed by a selection of the most refined essential oils. They represent drops of liquid emotions that you will love and choose to accompany you during your own travel.

The perfect Eau de Parfum for a woman is the one that recreates the atmosphere of that moment, and this fragrance can be one as well as many others. The Eau de Parfum for a man is something which reveals a lot about him even before you get to know him. These are timeless creations that accompany you as a guardian angel. Top notes, heart notes and base notes are mixed and they create a travel across the scented notes to achieve luxurious artistic creations.