Travel across perfumed notes through luxurious artistic creations

Choosing the right Eau de parfum for us it’s like a ritual and a whim. It’s a luxurious opportunity we can’t back out of. Each fragrance it’s like a merry-go-round of emotions which leads us to other sensations: it can be romantic, seductive, sporty, adventurous, passionate and delicate. It’s not a one-way road but a circle beginning and ending with an encounter. Perfumed notes which touch our nose and suddenly hit us, and by evaporating they give us nuances and emotions. They constitute a precious event, a close encounter which belongs to us.


Caldo Encens

The oriental Mediterranean spirituality pulls on a magic fragrance with an incense note. A light contemporary Eau de Parfum with the refreshing and sparkling scent of Frankincens mingled with the balsamic note of Pine resin. A hot wind which crosses the desert following the Tuareg footsteps amidst sand dunes and enchanting oasis in the shade of high olibaum. Caldo Encens is a mystic voyage within the borders of Mesopotamia looking for a precious gold which kindles glamour every moment.


Caldo Fruttato

A secret island in a far away continent where a new sensual union between two divergent olfactory notes takes place. Caldo Fruttato is an Eau de Parfum with the sweet oriental notes of Vanilla, Caramel and Amber mixing together with the tangy notes of wild berries like Blackcurrant and Raspberry. An original and feminine fragrance with a bittersweet harmony.


Caldo Gourmand

A magic touch that bites, pampers and turns on the female nature. A unique Eau de Parfum in which the skin samples greedly the exclusive taste of sweetness. Caldo Gourmand is a soft embracing bouquet enhanced by dense Vanilla and gourmand Caramel. An unrivalled Eau de Parfum which grabs the spotlight and inebriates with desire to encourage the conquest with its hot sensuality.


Caldo Legnoso

A voyage into the warmth of an exotic mood up to the roots of a mysterious blissful plant. A vigorous intense Eau de Parfum which brings within the sunset intense colours off the Kerala coasts. Caldo Legnoso is a rich and original fragrance based on the precious woody note of Sandalwood from Malabar. A long lasting full-bodied spiritual Eau de Parfum which gives unknown nuances every time.


Caldo Orientale

An Arabian nights fairy tale full of passion within an exotic fragrance to lose yourself in a young Shahrazad’s dream. Caldo Orientale is a sensual Eau de Parfum which combines the exquisite and fascinating Gardenia, the bittersweet note of the Neroli and the Arab note of the Myrrhe with its balsamic and aromatic gift. The oriental elegance suitable to wear during an enchanting night.


Musc Pure

A bare feet walk on a carpet of leaves smelling of bush trough a forest of centuries-old trees. Musc Pure is an extremely fresh bouquet with notes of Fern and aromatic woods. A fragrance which mingles the strong and primeval character of the Oak Musk with the mild softness of the White Musk. A distinctive Eau de Parfum holding the entire allure of the nature.



Dive into the waves of the blue sea in a fragrance that brings to mind and heart the Mediterranean coasts. Osmarine contains the entire intensity of the Osmanthus, the legendary Chinese flower, together with a strong marine note of seaweed and rock. Sea and salt melt with the sweet honeyed flavour of freshly-picked fruits. An Eau de Parfum which blows like Libeccio in August and caresses the water edge in a magic night under a starry sky.


Oud Gourmand

An intense kiss between two souls bound to a passionate fate. A long-lasting feeling and a mixture which smells like a warm embrace. Oud Gourmand is the perfume of the opposites, passionate and jealous, malicious and romantic as well. The typical sweetness of the feminine nuances combines with the male roughness for an original and beautiful result.

The oriental olfactory note of Oud mingles with the gourmand nuances of Vanilla and Coconut. The warm consistency of the Caramel slides on the woody notes of the Leather and makes them sweet and sensual. It’s an embrace which melts as liquid gold and transforms the double soul of Oud into a unique, seductive and precious element.


Puro Fico

A walk under the shadow of fresh and luxuriant fig trees dipping in the fragrance of a hot Italian summer. A fragrance which contains both the green woody smell of the Fig leaf and the unforgettable sweetness of the juicy fruit. Puro Fico is an Eau de Parfum that sounds like a breath of fresh long lasting notes caressing the skin. Downhill to the beach: it’s a dive into the blue Mediterranean Sea.


Puro Lino

A flowering garden where laundry is blown up by the fresh spring scent. A fresh sensation that surrounds everything in a pure touch. Puro Lino is a simple but refined Eau de Parfum inspired by the fresh scent of laundry laid under the sun. Its heart recalls peacefulness and tranquillity as white sheets warmed by the wind. A light and delicate dress, the pureness of an everyday sign.


Puro Neroli

The entire Mediterranean energy contained in the orange flower which grew up  between the sea and the hill where the citrus orchards look over the horizon and the Italian fragrance encounters the African scent. The exotic note of the Tunisian Neroli is here combined with the vivacity of the Citrus and Bergamot from Calabria. An intense, fresh and bittersweet fragrance that smells of summer.


Puro Talco

The soft pureness of Talcum is contained in a long lasting embracing Eau de Parfum. A wellbeing cloud where you can dive in among memories and reminiscence of the past. Puro Talco is an intense and sweet Eau de Parfum, a floral bouquet made of Iris, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla. A velvety caress which follows you all day long.

Officina delle Essenze creates many Eau de Parfum which are inspired by different personalities in order to interpret the histories they wish to live. All of them are original Made in Italy fragrances which are composed by a selection of the most refined essential oils. They represent drops of liquid emotions that you will love and choose to accompany you during your own travel.

The perfect Eau de Parfum for a woman is the one that recreates the atmosphere of that moment, and this fragrance can be one as well as many others. The Eau de Parfum for a man is something which reveals a lot about him even before you get to know him. These are timeless creations that accompany you as a guardian angel. Top notes, heart notes and base notes are mixed and they create a travel across the scented notes to achieve luxurious artistic creations.