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Caldo Gourmand

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A magic touch of pure femininity that is worth biting, pampering and lighting up with passion. A unique fragrance that makes your skin desire an overwhelming flavour of sweetness. Caldo Gourmand is a gentle bouquet enriched with Vanilla and made precious with a gourmand Caramel note. A soft Eau de Parfum steps in and fills every moment with desire. It encourages you to conquer with its hot sensuality. No rivals.






Top Notes


Heart Notes

Bourbon Vanilla, Caramel, Coconut Milk

Base Notes

Musk, Woody Note

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A gourmand fragrance that has become iconic for Officina delle Essenze thanks to its gentle embrace of Vanilla and Caramel. It’s an original composition for a sensual and exquisite Eau de Parfum.

Caldo Gourmand is a sweet and intense perfume with Bourbon Vanilla and Caramel base. A feminine fragrance, tender and silky, that conquers you at first touch. Caldo Gourmand has been among the bestsellers of Officina delle Essenze since 2012.

I choose Caldo Gourmand because…
  • "I'm looking for a present for myself: a sweet, fascinating and sensual perfume"
  • "I love sweets and I’m a big fan of everything that smells Vanilla"
  • "I've always dreamed of a gentle fragrance that would make me feel more feminine"
  • "I like intense and determined fragrances that commands attention"

Creator of Caldo Gourmand

Maurizio Lembo, Maestro Profumiere di Officina delle Essenze

Maurizio Lembo

Caldo Gourmand is an ode to the overwhelming femininity of all Women. It is a sincere story where sweet Vanilla and sensual Caramel interpret the nuances of every Woman. An unexpected success!

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Caldo Gourmand

  1. Avatar for Officina delle Essenze

    Regina (verified owner)

    First-amazing fragrance and at the moment my number ONE-sweet caramel and vanilla blends perfectly together. Very long lasting. Customer service I would rate out of 10… hm all 11 (highest ratings) polite, friendly and very professional. Delivery was fast. Will come back for more! Highly recommended 😊

  2. Avatar for Officina delle Essenze

    Sandra (verified owner)

    This is absolutely my favorite! Very long lasting.

  3. Avatar for Officina delle Essenze

    Arina (verified owner)

    My first experience getting known your fragrances. I fell in love with it. The smell is sweet, very long lasting and warming me throughout the day during rainy autumn days. Would highly recommend to try this caramel sweetness 🥰

  4. Avatar for Officina delle Essenze

    Vilma Zukeviciene (verified owner)

    Best perfume I ever smelled! So nice and sexy! Love from first sniff. Perfectly blended ingredients. I feel the most Vanilla and Caramel here. This is MASTERPIECE! Very good projection. Feel it on my clothes even after a few days. Highly RECOMMEND! Will definitely buy again. And can’t wait to try your other perfume creations and Home Fragrances!

  5. Avatar for Officina delle Essenze

    Brigita (verified owner)

    Perfect for autumn! Warm, creamy, elegant! I like boozy vanilla here 😊 Very very long lasting! Love it.

  6. Avatar for Officina delle Essenze

    Anneli Holmlin (verified owner)

    Sweet scent… slightly too youthful for me!

  7. Avatar for Officina delle Essenze


    Caldo Gourmand is the most beautiful fragrance I’ve ever met! Everything is so harmonious in it! The sweetness of childhood, the tenderness of a mother, the softness of silk… the fragrance accidentally came to me with a sample, and now I want to buy this beauty in full size! Thank you for such a creation to the Master!

  8. Avatar for Officina delle Essenze

    Martiene Grinwis

    This is absolutely my favorite! Such a lovely soft and delicious smell… candy in a bottle ❤️

  9. Avatar for Officina delle Essenze


    This is my main perfume this winter. It’s a well-blended scent that smells sweet and modern. It shall appeal to anyone who enjoys vanilla-based fragrances. Sillage is low to moderate which might well be considered a virtue given the sweetness of the blend. Longevity is good, and it comes in a lovely little bottle. Also, the customer-service confirmed that it is suitable for vegans.

  10. Avatar for Officina delle Essenze

    Viktoriya Omarova

    Я познакомилась с Caldo Gourmand, совсем случайно, в Москве. Я влюбилась в этот аромат! Он глубокий, сладкий, окутывающий. “Любовь с первого взгляда”, Не выхожу без него из дома. Спасибо за создание такого магического аромата!

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