About Maurizio Lembo

Maurizio Lembo is the founder of Officina delle Essenze. He has breathed perfumes since he was a child because he used to spend long afternoons in his father’s artisanal perfume atelier in the heart of Rome. That’s the background where Maurizio Lembo’s experience in the artisanal and niche perfumery was born. In 2001 his passion was transformed into Officina delle Essenze. Maurizio Lembo breathes in first-hand the essential oils and chooses the raw materials. That’s the way the creations of the brand are born, a project which is passion, discovery and respect of the tradition in the same way.

The speed of luxury during Coronavirus
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Pace of the Luxury industry

The artistic perfumery has never been so influenced by forms of fast fashion as it is today. A world where the most important aspect for those who sell is to have always a new fragrance at the counter. In order to advertise, offer and sell until the natural push factor towards novelty has been depleted, a person is constantly looking for something “newer” to astonish his public.

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