Maurizio Lembo di Officina delle Essenze


Maurizio Lembo is an Italian entrepreneur, founder and creative director of the artistic perfumery brands Officina delle Essenze and Bottega Profumiera.

Born in Rome in 1967, Maurizio spent much of his childhood in his father’s fragrance shop, which was opened in Rome in 1948. From a young age, Maurizio was surrounded by the most iconic scents of the great perfumery houses, absorbing their aromas and nuances, thereby developing a profound knowledge and passion for the industry.

After completing his humanities studies and following an extensive self-taught learning path, Maurizio decided to fully dedicate himself to his passion for perfumery, founding the brand Officina delle Essenze in 2001.

The brand immediately stood out for its philosophy of artisanal production and the use of the highest quality raw materials, personally selected by Maurizio Lembo. These materials are crafted through continuous experimentation and an effort to reinterpret the great classics of perfumery in a more modern and contemporary key.