Home Fragrances: how to choose the best ones

Home Fragrances: how to choose the best ones

Home fragrances are the essential accessory for anybody who wishes to give a unique and personal touch to home. That fashionable detail which gives style to our domestic space and which we choose with great attention in the same way as we decide about a furnishing accessory or about fabrics.

Home fragrance diffusers decorate our homes with their perfume and create a true olfactory mood. It’s a new way to personalize your home, a place where home fragrances can play a decisive role.


The fragrance spreads gradually from the diffuser and fills the space with sweet and pleasant sensations. It represents us in the same way as our favorite Eau de Parfum does when we wear it. Anyway it’s not easy to choose the right fragrance because the olfactory families tell us who we are but they are very different one from another depending on their perfumed notes and their tendency to decorate a location better than another.

By following our guide you will learn to choose the best home fragrances for each space of your house. You will find out their characteristics and understand how to use them at their best and how to make each space at home more beautiful.

You will also understand which are the more suitable olfactory notes for every room, whatever it is a kitchen, a bedroom or a sitting room, and how to make the fragrances last for a long time.

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Home fragrance diffusers gift a touch of color to each space at home and give new significance to your intimate space. Imagine you come home after a long workday: the lights are still turned off and there is a mild perfume that caresses your nose. That’s the way you feel at home immediately and you are ready to live in your world.

Home Fragrances Diffusers for home

For this reason the right choice has to start from your personal taste and from the style that best suits you without overlooking the atmosphere that each perfume can create. There are fragrances which can produce relaxing vibrations while others are more suitable to conceal persisting bad smells. By reading this post you will connect your instinct with your acquainted choice just to make olfactory decoration a must.

The perfume is exactly as that cushion for the sofa which you were looking for or that detail which makes your kitchen more comfortable.

The home fragrance diffusers decorate twice: first the rooms are pervaded by a mild and long lasting perfumed trail and then the glass diffuser decorates as a furnishing accessory. It’s really simple and it’s also a pleasure to personalize each room with the more suitable fragrance.

The home fragrance diffusers emanate the perfume gradually, once you open the bottle you just have to insert the rattan reeds and it’s a child’s play. You only have to turn the reeds upside down from time to time to renew the fragrance.


The kitchen is the vibrating heart of our domestic space and it’s a living area which is a chest of memories and scents. Therefore you will better choose citrus notes to perfume this room. Citrus fruits are a natural source of energy and their freshness has the effect to purify the air and irradiate a pleasant sensation of wellbeing. Lime & Lemon is the perfect concentration of freshness, thanks to the combination of lemon and lime it quenches the air and helps to get rid of every bad smell.

The home fragrance diffusers with citrus notes are perfect in the kitchen but can be used also in the transition rooms of your home where you want to communicate a separation of the spaces. Therefore citrus notes are suitable for passageways, hallways or stairs and entrances.

Neroli with scented notes of orange flowers has the same freshness of freshly picked citrus fruits and is the perfect fragrance to make a room cosy and sparkling.


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Lime & Lemon

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The sitting room or living area is the space dedicated to hospitality and each detail is thought to create a location you can live and relax into but without overlooking the furniture. Here it is possible to decide the fragrance following the change of the seasons. Fragrances with floral, oriental o spicy notes are the most suitable to personalize this room. Vanilla scented notes are perfect among the furniture of the sitting room because of their warm enveloping but not too much persisting fragrance. The sweet nuances of Vanilla combined with the hot embrace of Caramel create a sensation of absolute well-being.


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Tangerine & Spices

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If you like perfumes with great personality then the exotic trail of Patchouli is a memory of the oriental atmospheres. The scented notes of this perfume give us an immediate sensation of well-being, a breath that warms the atmosphere with natural passion. On the contrary if you wish to create a relaxing atmosphere then let yourself be overwhelmed by the sweet bouquet of Geranium, whose perfumed notes are combined with Lavander from Provence and anti-mosquitoes properties which are an ideal help in summer.

The living area which goes also to the entrance and passageway zones welcomes the warm and fruity notes of Tangerine & Spices which perfume the atmosphere with a sweet citrus essence combined with the warmth of Cinnamon and Nutmeg. It’s not simply a fragrance but an authentic invitation to gather around the sofa in order to share the pleasure of being together.


The bathroom is the center of our well-being, the place where we can purify and patch things up with the world. It’s the room where we try to combine energy and relax and therefore we suggest marine fragrances as fresh as Sea Breeze. This fragrance evokes walks among the rocks wet by the foam of the waves and it’s an energizing shower which gives you the right energy to help you facing a new day.

On the other hand if you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere then lose yourself in the sweet bouquet of White Musk, the ideal fragrance for a relaxing bath. This mild yet intense perfume fills the air with a velvety and embracing touch that gives you a heavenly effect.

White Musk

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Sea Breeze

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There is no more intimate place than your bedroom and it’s in this place that we choose the home fragrance diffuser which makes we feel at ease. In this area of the house where the real relax prevails, the sleep and comfort zone, we have to choose fragrances that release serenity and sweet sensations of peace.

The mild and powdery fragrances that caress your nose without being intrusive are the more suitable ones to personalize your bedroom.

Pure Linen emanates a fresh laundry perfume in the air, the pureness of a light breath that pampers and recalls the open air days of a long time ago. You switch the light off and the essence mixes with the soft embrace of the blankets. Talc, a soft and mild perfume, is another fragrance which is perfect for your bedroom. A cloud of baby powder spreads gently and lightly in the air. The rattan reeds blow the essence that is so mild and soft that goes into every little space, even in the wardrobes and on the clothes which are inside.


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Pure Linen

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It’s really easy to use home fragrance diffusers. You only need to insert the reeds inside the glass diffuser and it’s a child’s play. To enjoy the fragrance at its best you have to turn the reeds upside down once a week and you will feel that the fragrance refreshes. The essence in which the reeds are soaked evaporates when it comes in contact with the air and gives the sensation of a new perfume.

We advise you to make this operation away from clothes or materials that could be stained by the touch of the perfume if some drops unfortunately should come out of the bottle while you are turning the reeds upside down.

Diffusore istruzioni


After you have learnt to recognize the home fragrances, you only have to decide the correct place for the diffuser. The glass bottles which contain the perfume and the rattan reeds are a real furnishing accessory: they are elegant but delicate and are suitable for each kind of furnishing. But the place where you set the home fragrance diffuser will affect the diffusion as well as the duration of the fragrance.

Perfume diffusion with only one home fragrance
Diffusion with only one home fragrance at the entrance
Perfume diffusion with more reed diffusers
Diffusion with multiple reed diffusers at home

Home fragrance diffusers are never to be placed under one meter of height or higher than your nose. The perfume naturally rises and fills the air, if you set the diffuser too high it will diffuse the perfume with less efficacy and you will perceive it with less intensity. Another detail you should be careful about is the type of surface: the diffuser has to be placed on a shelf which has no other shelves before it. And, at the same time, there shouldn’t be any obstacle above the diffuser.

For this reason the ideal places are tables and coffee tables, low pieces of furniture or chest of drawers. Avoid surfaces near sources of heat or air flows and also positions near windowsill and bookshelves. The correct place and the right size of the bottle will make your olfactory decoration perfect.

Home fragrances living


Our bottles for home fragrances are available in various sizes. From the 250 ml one to the 1250 ml home fragrance diffuser with rattan reeds. Choosing one size or another is not only a matter of duration but also an aesthetic choice. Only the correct size will help you to decorate you room in the best way.

Small reed diffuser vs. Large room
Small diffuser in a big area
Large reed diffuser vs. Large room
Large diffuser in a big area

While 250 ml home fragrance diffusers are perfect for small or medium-sized rooms such as bathrooms, utility rooms, walk-in closets or small flats as studio apartment, 500 ml size diffusers are suitable for medium sized and large rooms such as halls, sitting rooms, kitchen or passageways with stairs. 1250 ml home fragrance diffusers are perfect to be placed in open space apartments, professional locations, studio rooms or any other room with large dimensions.

If you wish that the perfume envelopes all your rooms and that its presence can be perceived continuously, you only need to play with the different sizes and place a bigger diffuser in a smaller room.

Home Reed Diffusers
Niche home fragrances


There are many causes that affect the diffusion and also the duration of a home fragrance. If a 250 ml home fragrance diffuser lasts about two months and a 500 ml diffuser lasts twice as much, there are other factors that influence the duration of a home fragrance diffuser:

  • presence of direct sources of heat as fireplaces and air-conditionings may let the perfume evaporate fast, and even faster if they are set near the home fragrance diffuser;
  • presence of air flows inside the room where the home fragrance diffuser has been placed;
  • frequency of the overturning of the rattan reeds: it’s advisable to do it maximum twice a week.


If you are looking for the right fragrance for your home, you have to know that, besides home fragrance diffusers with reeds, there are also room sprays and scented candles. Which are the differences between these two products? It depends on how you wish to live your home.

Home fragrance diffusers with reeds are an authentic furnishing accessory. Glass bottles decorate every room and are very easy to use because they perfume the room over and over again effortlessly. You only have to remember to turn the reeds upside down regularly. On the contrary room sprays require more assiduity.

White Musk

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Pure Linen

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Spray is very fast and immediate if you want a perfumed home only when you wish. Spray fragrances are more concentrated and strong, they are very useful to vaporize in very large spaces such as lofts and open spaces.

Through the special trigger system you can have the maximum of intensity without any waste. Perfume guns will be your best helper if you are looking for an alternative to home fragrance diffusers with reeds: you will love them as much as your home pervaded by your favorite perfume.

The candle warms and spreads its fragrance thanks to the warmth of the flame. Much like reed diffusers, scented candles work quietly, enriching spaces with the elegance and warmth of the flame, gently perfuming the surroundings with a gradual but relentless intensity.

  • Easy-to-use; furnishing accessory
  • Just turn the reeds upside down to refresh the fragrance
  • Different sizes of the bottles to choose in order to handle the intensity of the fragrance depending on the dimensions of the room
  • Medium duration of the perfume: some months
  • Place home fragrance diffusers on plane surfaces and turn the reeds upside down away from fabrics and delicate materials to avoid stains
  • No need to place them somewhere: you can perfume the room when you wish
  • Perfume your space whenever you want it
  • Spray fragrances are more concentrated and strong
  • Special no-waste trigger system
  • Vaporize toward high and avoid contact with carpets, curtains and upholstery to avoid stains on fabrics
  • Warmth from the flame embraces the heart and surroundings
  • The heat aids in spreading the fragrance throughout the home
  • The wax is handmade, crafted in Italy, and is the finest on the market
  • Candles do not contain harmful components (e.g., parabens or phthalates)

Now that home fragrances have no more secrets, you only have to begin to perfume and decorate your home.


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