How to choose a perfume by Anna Marushenko

How to choose a perfume

Perfumes mean a lot in our life. Smells, fragrances, essences represent a well of pleasure for us and help us to express ourselves. It’s with this mood that we go to a perfume shop to choose a new Eau de Parfum, and we already foretaste the pleasant sensations the perfume will give to our life. But which perfume should we buy, as there are thousands of existing fragrances and many others coming out every month?

The lack of information, the unawareness of aromatic expertise and, sometimes, the incompetence of the sellers push us to trust on the ever-present and all-powerful advertisement. However, it’s possible to choose the right perfume if we base on the fundamental rules which can facilitate our research.


The first rule in order to buy the right perfume may seem commonplace, but it’s indeed fundamental: know yourself. If you are conscious of your taste you will understand your aromatic preferences. You will understand what you don’t like and which are your unknown desires.

Try to ask yourself this question: “What kind of fragrances do I prefer? Do I like woody, floral or oriental perfumes?” If you already know how to answer, you are on the right path or, otherwise, you can search on the internet the qualities of each olfactory family and define the category of affinity. Even if you already have a lot of perfumes, you will find out that the most part of them belong to the same olfactory family or maximum to two different families.

How the olfactory memory influences our taste

Experts in the field of perfumes sustain that we are all born with the same organs of senses: nose, eyes, ears and so on, but nevertheless each of us, from birth on, perceives the information from the senses in a different way, also depending on the cultural context as the place of birth, the education and the environment.

Indians, for example, are used to be surrounded by cows since early childhood. The smell of cows is pleasant or even heavenly to them because in India cow is a holy animal. Japanese people think, on the other hand, that the same smell is disgusting and offensive for their dignity because they prefer sterility and absence of smell for religious motives.

I could say a lot of examples like these ones and each of them is characterized by the scents of our childhood, which everyone tries to reproduce and rediscover. Once we have done this analysis, we are going to discover our favourite perfume and we will like to amplify our olfactory knowledge with new aromatic notes.

I grew up in Siberia and many of my memories which are bound to my childhood are linked to the Russian steam rooms. The smell of the wood and of the branches of the birch was always familiar to me and is a part of my recollection. Another memory is bound to my mother who was very fond of Fendi Life Essence. This perfume had always a particular significance for me and it has certainly influenced me. In fact, I was only 15 years old but I had already understood that I love woody fragrances.

Now try to imagine which are your favourite scents and, next time you enter a perfume shop, don’t restrict yourself to taste a perfume after another. Try to do it by categories, let you be inspired by one olfactory family at a time. If you prefer woody perfumes, try Caldo Encens by Officina delle Essenze. If you like more citrus perfumes Puro Neroli will be perfect for you, while among the gourmand fragrances you could try Caldo Gourmand.


The second rule is to ask yourself why you need a perfume. Do you want to spray yourself with a perfume or do you want to leave your mark without going unnoticed? Do you wish to mask your passionate character? Or are you looking for a perfume to use as a seductive weapon?

Perfumes don’t create only a pleasant allure but evoke memories and can raise emotions and passions. You can and have to direct these feelings. They are a part of our life and of our plays. Don’t be afraid to experiment and be confident.


And now the third rule. When you are choosing a perfume you have to consider seasonality. Summer fragrances are different from fall or winter fragrances. The perfume is a complex substance which is composed of many components with different grades of volatility. The same essential oils evolve differently depending on the climax conditions as temperature and humidity.

The evolution of the perfume has a different speed and each perfume, even if it has the same composition, can be perceived differently if used on different skins.

Summer and spring perfumes

In summer the nature blossoms and there are many essences in the air, therefore the olfactory ambience has to be diluted. In this season we need something light and fresh such as Osmarine and Puro Fico. They will be like a refreshing fruit cocktail against hot weather and humidity.

Fall and winter perfumes

In fall the temperature falls and we desire something which can give us warmth and comfort. We are looking for the woody, incense and musk notes to enwrap us. Musc Pure is as a second skin under the rain and during the first autumn cold. Winter is the ideal period for the vivid and warm perfumes. The aromatic resins and the spices inside Oud Gourmand or Caldo Legnoso will protect you from the cold like a warm scarf.


About Anna Marushenko

Anna Marushenko is a professional actress and a great niche perfumes lover. She’s the Russian brand ambassador on behalf of Officina delle Essenze since 2017, and she divides her time between acting and writing about artistic perfumes. Her enthusiastic passion for this sector has made her a representative in Russia and also an appreciated blogger acknowledged by Master Perfumers and critics as well.

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