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If you are going to write a letter to Santa Claus, this year you will have plenty of new ideas. Imagine a single product but with infinite variations. Imagine your sense of smell carrying you across timeless memories and atmospheres through a far away travel. And you will experience these new sensations comfortably at home while you are sitting in your cozy living room.

Imagine to gather all your nearest and dearest around the Christmas tree with the crackling sound of the fireplace. Let them feel all your love while they are unwrapping their gifts and chatting happily during a pleasant evening. For everyone who loves being at home and taking care of the domestic space, the Home Fragrance Diffuser is not only a sensorial experience but it has also an elegant glass packaging with an exclusive design: you can exhibit it proudly in your living room. Each fragrance has a story and a travel to narrate. For instance Arancia & Cannella is the place where sweet oranges from Sicily meet with the mild and crispy flavour of the Cannella from Ceylon to create a unique result. This is the perfect gift for someone who loves travelling or for someone who loves warm and relaxing atmospheres.

Scorze & Spezie diffusers home fragrance reeds
Home Fragrance Diffusers with wooden reeds 250 ml (44 euro) and 500 ml (64 euro)

Are you looking for a gift for a passionate gourmand taster? Or for someone who is in love with taste and beauty? Imagine their smiles while they are unwrapping the box of Uva Fragola, one of the latest products by Officina delle Essenze which has already become a bestseller. They only need to close their eyes and feel the typical aftertaste of berries. Uva Fragola tickles your sense of smell and fills your home with pure happiness.

A time travel is the ideal gift for the most romantic ones: Scorze & Spezie is the fragrance that best recreates the classic Christmas scent. Imagine the sweet taste of the tangerine peels burning in the fireplace and spicy notes of cinnamon and nutmeg around you. All your childhood memories will soon emerge and create the magic of the Christmas holidays. This is the fragrance for everyone who loves Christmas and therefore would like to live in this scented atmosphere all year long at home.

Christmas gift
Our gift boxes
Uva Fragola Christmas
Uva Fragola
Uva Fragola set Christmas
Home Fragrance diffusers and spray

A whiff of a fragrance and your home/office journey becomes a pure experience which makes you forget even the traffic around you. The Car Fragrance Kit is a unique gift that everybody who travels a lot by car will surely appreciate. Our Car Fragrances are set in small boxes with a stylish design which can be set easily in the dashboard of your car. It’s an elegant touch just to add to an unexpected and original gift with two different proposals for him and for her. Surprise your fiancé with a personal gift that you can share with. Pamper your best friend with a fragrance fitted for her personality. The fragrances for her are Vaniglia, Talcum and Angostura. For him Muschio Bianco, Puro Fico and Fresco Bosco. They could not do without these fragrances after you will have given them as a gift.

Car Fragrance Kit
Car Fragrance Kit (30 euro)

Only the two of you together: that’s the best part of Christmas holidays. Choose to celebrate with a real special and one of a kind gift, a fragrance that will imprint on your skin as a timeless memory. Our Eau de Parfum are narrating about you. Caldo Gourmand is the essence of femininity. It has a bouquet with Vanilla Bourbon, Bergamot, Caramel, Coconut Milk and woody notes. It pampers your skin with a cloud of sweetness and hot sensuality: the ideal gift to give or to receive.

Caldo Legnoso is for him: it’s intense, the ideal fragrance for a resolute man who loves exotic landscapes. By breathing this warm long lasting fragrance he will dream the Indian coasts of Kerala. A bouquet of original notes such as Sandal from Malabar, Vanilla, Vetiver, and Patchouli to create a strong and vigorous appeal.


Caldo Gourmand EDP Warm Woman
Caldo Gourmand (85 euro)


Caldo Legnoso Eau de parfum man niche
Caldo Legnoso (85 euro)

You can stop dreaming and transform the Christmas gifts exchange without wasting time. As Walt Disney used to say “If you can dream it you can do it” and it’s also very easy to do. On your Christmas list of gifts just combine each name with the right fragrance by Officina delle Essenze. In this simple way you are going to live all the emotions of the Christmas holidays.

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