Have your perfumed Christmas with our gift ideas

Have your perfumed Christmas with our gift ideas

Giving a perfume as a Christmas gift is always the right choice. Imagine a single product but with infinite combinations. Imagine your olfactory sense carrying you across timeless memories and atmospheres through a far away travel. And you will experience these new sensations comfortably at home while you are sitting in your cosy living room.


A room fragrance diffuser is the ideal Christmas gift for those who like to take care of their home and go the extra mile for it, not only during the Christmas holidays but in each occasion. Some fragrance diffusers can perfectly convey the Christmas atmosphere thanks to nuances that evoke immediately a table laden with food, peaceful chats in the air and the crackling sound of the fireplace.

A reed diffuser as a Christmas gift
Uva Fragola a sweet and fruity essence for home
A room spray fragrance is the ideal Christmas gift

Cinnamon & Orange with its delicious scent recalls the warm and enwrapping atmospheres of the Mediterranean. The spicy notes diffuse in the air and it’s immediately like a sunbeam which emanates energy. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves travelling to exotic destinations or for all those who have made the kitchen as their kingdom. It’s in the kitchen in fact that the citrus notes vivify and purify the air and make the room more livable and comfortable.

Blueberry & Grape

4,00 48,00 

Cinnamon & Orange

4,00 155,00 

Tangerine & Spices

4,00 155,00 

Tangerine & Spices

4,00 48,00 

Do you want to amaze the taste lovers with a luxuriant gift? Attract them with a sugar fragrance with Gourmand notes. Blueberry & Grape tickles your olfactory sense with perfumed nuances which caress the air thanks to the typical underwood aroma. It’s a sweet and fruity essence that you can show off in your sitting room to astonish your guests.

For a perfect Christmas, you need the perfect gift and a perfume is always a good idea

Tangerine & Spices is the Christmas perfume. Imagine the sweet aroma of the tangerine peel released by the fireplace, in combination with the spicy taste of Cinnamon and Nutmeg. Your childhood memories will soon emerge and will re-create the magic of the Christmas holidays. It’s the perfect fragrance diffuser to give as a Christmas gift to diffuse a good mood.

Scorze Spezie is the Christmas reed diffuser


An artisanal spray perfume is the most beautiful gift that a professional who travels by car can receive at Christmas. The Car Fragrance Kit is the perfect gift dedicated to everyone who travels a lot. Only a spray of perfume in the space and the car experience will be transformed into a wonderful journey. It’s a gorgeous gift for everyone who likes to be surrounded by high-quality accessories.

Profumare l'automobile con uno spray


To choose a perfume as a gift is like to give special treatment to your beloved ones, especially if your choice is a niche perfume. With such a precious gift we let others know how much they are important to us.

Oud Gourmand is an invite to passion. It’s a niche perfume for those who love to feel unique and for everyone who is looking for the centre of gravity between two natures. It’s more than a fragrance, it’s like an intense embrace where two worlds which seem different find their point of union in the nuances and make this niche perfume a really special gift. The woody notes of Oud combine with the gourmand nuances of Vanilla Bourbon, Coconut and Caramel and create the perfect union of two opposite souls. It’s the ideal perfume both for him and for her and a perfect gift for everyone to wear.

Puro Talco

4,00 98,00 

Puro Lino

4,00 98,00 

Oud Gourmand

4,00 98,00 

Caldo Legnoso

4,00 98,00 

For a resolute man, who loves the exotic atmospheres, you have to choose Caldo Legnoso as a Christmas gift. The intense warmth of this essence seeps through your nose and let us travel towards the sight of an Indian sundown. Among the notes, we remember the precious Sandal of Malabar, Vanilla, Vetyver and Patchouli. It’s perfect to gain a strong and vigorous result.

Puro Lino is the niche perfume to give as a gift for everyone who likes to plunge into the whiteness of a just-washed cloth. It’s the perfect perfume for someone who is looking for a light persistence and a sweet sensation of wellbeing. A fresh air blow which is ideal as a gift for a romantic and dreamy soul.

Puro Talco is the fragrance of the heart for those who love the beauty of simple things. It’s a niche perfume which is a cloud of soft pureness. Here is a fragrance that touches gently your skin but it is long lasting for hours and creates a stream of refined elegance. The ideal gift for someone who desires to be enwrapped in the flowery whiteness of Iris, Ylang-Ylang and Vanilla.

Caldo Gourmand EDP Warm Woman
Caldo Legnoso Eau de parfum man niche

For a perfect Christmas, you need the perfect gift and a perfume is always a good idea. Even if everyone’s taste is personal, a fragrance always represents something unforgettable and much more if it’s an artisanal perfume and a Made in Italy product. For the next Christmas holidays choose the right fragrance by Officina delle Essenze for each name of your gift list and be ready to live all the emotions of the celebrations.


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