About Anna Marushenko

Anna Marushenko is a professional actress and a great niche perfumes lover. She’s the Russian brand ambassador on behalf of Officina delle Essenze since 2017, and she divides her time between acting and writing about artistic perfumes. Her enthusiastic passion for this sector has made her a representative in Russia and also an appreciated blogger acknowledged by Master Perfumers and critics as well.

How to choose a perfume by Anna Marushenko
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How to choose a perfume

Perfumes mean a lot in our life. Smells, fragrances, essences represent a well of pleasure for us and help us to express ourselves. It’s with this mood that we go to a perfume shop to choose a new Eau de Parfum, and we already foretaste the pleasant sensations the perfume will give to our life. But which perfume should we buy, as there are thousands of existing fragrances and many others coming out every month?

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