A professional office has to emanate positive vibrations and has to be always ready to welcome your clients. If you have projected it in each detail then an olfactory design element can’t miss.

Diffusing healthy perfumed notes helps to better concentrate and work. Home fragrance diffusers for professional offices are silent and efficient while they entertain and relax. Perfumed notes that sparkle energy and reinvigorate body and soul.

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The sweet fruity taste of pomegranate freshly pressed. Pomegranate gives to your rooms the red freshness of nature. An elixir that spreads well-being with its sweet notes and Mediterranean flavor. A joyful breeze that comes into your home through the windows, purifies the atmosphere and enlivens the soul.

Pomegranate, known as Melograno, is the ideal fragrance to scent living areas and dining rooms. You can relax among cupboards, stoves and bookshelves. It’s a fragrance to enjoy while sitting on the sofa and watching TV or while chatting with friends in the sitting room: you will be immersed in an absolute well-being.

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