Osmarine, ricordi e profumi di un’estate italiana

Perfumes and memories of an Italian summer

Memories of a summer in Italy”, this is the way we can tell you a story made of perfumes and experiences. The perfumes are the ones by Officina delle Essenze, while Anna Maruschenko’s emotions are the other part of these memories. Anna is a Russian blogger and expert of niche perfumery as well as brand ambassador for Officina delle Essenze.

We met Anna during Pitti Fragranze 2017, it was a casual meeting which soon evolved in a discovery of how it is possible to create “authentically Made in Italy” perfumes. Thanks to this meeting Anna decided to bring us with her during her Italian summer, a voyage to Ischia, one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. We are talking about a place where nature springs up in a perfect composition of sea, wind, flowers and citrus fruits. It was the real essence of the island to welcome Anna.

Discovering the italian perfumes

As she herself tells us in the video, it was already night when she arrived for the first time to this beautiful place. The nature of the island was hidden from the light of the moon, and only the essence could be captured. A real encounter with the essential elements of a place that is so poetic to become the perfect frame for the discovery and the inspiration.

Citrus and oranges perfumes

During a walk in a lemon garden, Anna meets the same essence of Puro Neroli, a complex mixture of all the elements of nature where the contrast bitter-sweet of the citrus becomes persistent and mild altogether. It’s where the slowness of the island combines with the salted breath of the wind, which gives life to the leaves and captures their scent. All this power and energy it’s like a blast on your skin. It’s the scent of Puro Neroli, a perfume that you can wear each time you need.

Smelling citrus perfume
Smelling italian niche perfume
Direct your glance towards the horizon. Where thousands of pink nuances are colouring the sky. That’s the way to recognize the essence of life, the pureness of the Mediterranean and the vivacity of nature.
Neroli perfume
Puro Neroli eau de parfum niche

But the island of Ischia is not only luxuriant vegetation, it’s also sea and it’s in this prevalent element that we can find the real essence of summer. The same essence we can feel with a few drops of Osmarine, real face powder in the sea. It’s so intense to evoke the emotions of an entire life, and so light to let you feel on your skin the taste of a season made of intense emotions.

The flavour of the sea which changes into an essence. A light, impalpable but moving and vital perfume. A fleeting memory of that blue endless expanse which still fascinates and seduces us.

If the Master Perfumer is like a painter which draws its essence through the elements of nature, the artisanal fragrances are the vivid expression of a unique unforgettable memory. Thanks to them it’s possible to lengthen the emotions and continue the voyage even if we are already far away.

Perfumes and memories of an Italian summer
Surfacing from the infinite blue and wear the light freshness of the Mediterranean. It’s a liquid emotion which fleets away like the most beautiful season.
It’s unforgettable as those moments when you walked barefoot on the sand and wanted your eyes to take in a broader horizon.

Thanks to a perfume you can take the summer everywhere with you and breathe the breeze of the Mediterranean and wear it as a personal artistic essence. Walk across the lemon trees and think about the same emotions that you can experiment by wearing a fragrance which recalls sea, earth and wind. Choosing a perfume is like facing a voyage from which you will never come back.


About Officina delle Essenze

Officina delle Essenze means personal and home perfumes. It’s a family-owned company where there’s still the Italian know-how which led to success the Made in Italy all over the world, as a synonym of handcrafted luxury. It’s a journey which goes on through the blog, where the brand accompanies the niche perfumery lovers to the discovery of always new olfactory paths as well as reference articles and advice on its products.

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