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Home perfumes by Officina delle Essenze arrives at HOMI 2018

A new way to decorate our homes, travelling through the emotions in the world of artistic perfumery. Officina delle Essenze creates a real olfactory path through its home perfumes and transforms our home into the most beautiful story to live in. Essential oils diffuse in the air, fill in all your rooms and give character to your spaces.

Officina delle Essenze is bringing this new trend to HOMI Milan 2018, “The exhibition of lifestyles”. The Made in Rome brand is at its first significant venue which opens the door to the important sector of luxury furniture and home décor.


On this special occasion it will be possible to get in touch with the entire collection of those Made in Italy home fragrances: perfumes which have been created thanks to more than fifty years of experience in the segment of the artistic and niche perfumery, and which show a renewed and exclusive glass design.

With fifteen years of experience and a selected distribution channel of European retailers behind it – almost 200 stores – Officina delle Essenze arrives at HOMI Milan to lay the groundwork for a long and productive path in the sector of home décor.


Officina delle Essenze brings within a breath of fresh air with the new glass packaging, adopted in 2016 and which has brought to +30% incomes and evolves in the design and realization of the first exposition concept dedicated to retail.

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The layout, to be admired at HOMI Milan, was realized by arch. Alessandro Pinton of Arts&Crafts Studio and reflects all the values of the brand while in the meantime it highlights the collection of home fragrances by Officina delle Essenze.

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The choice has been made taking into consideration the desire to evoke the essential elegance of the natural elements, as for example the durmast wood which has been chosen for the creation of the expositors. The identity of the brand is expressed through the red and white colours which communicate the luxury and the passion which have turned Officina delle Essenze into a leading brand in the olfactory decoration.

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Wood and copper, which have been used for the expositors, explain how the natural elements of the fragrances don’t lose their peculiar characteristics, even in the emotional experience of the customer.

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The concept has been conceived to enhance the product, the beauty of the glass diffuser, with its essential and stylish design, and the fragrances as well, which can fill all the spaces both visually and olfactory with their silent presence.

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Established in 2001 by Maurizio Lembo, Officina delle Essenze has transformed itself into a real perfume factory, which creates haute couture collections of person and home perfumes. In the last sixteen years the company has grown and has expanded its presence from the niche perfumery shops to the furniture showrooms and the outfit concept stores, in Italy and abroad, thanks to a keen online and offline communication strategy sketched out with images and original storytelling.

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In the foreseeable future, Officina delle Essenze will invest in the human relationship and in the direct connection with its consumers. The opening of the first flagship store will represent the consolidation on the market of the home fragrances, and will also give the possibility to open its door to everybody wishes to be overwhelmed by an enchanted universe made of aromas and scents. It’s going to be an atelier where the customers will play an active part in the creation of their own olfactory path, the result of an intimate dialogue as all the connections created between the olfactory notes.

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Fragrances touch the most intimate ties of the emotions and in order to put the customer at the core, Officina delle Essenze establishes an immediate and direct relationship with the public by guiding it across a tailor suited olfactory path.

An exclusive location but open to everyone, because everyone will afford the luxury to love a perfume, a place where everyone who is coming in will be enriched by lots of emotions.

Officina delle Essenze’s attendance at HOMI Milan meets all the requirements to become a first venue to be remembered: when the entire knowledge of the home perfumes turns itself into a storytelling made of emotions, perfumes and colours. And Officina delle Essenze is ready to accompany its customers in this choice.

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About Officina delle Essenze

Officina delle Essenze means personal and home perfumes. It’s a family-owned company where there’s still the Italian know-how which led to success the Made in Italy all over the world, as a synonym of handcrafted luxury. It’s a journey which goes on through the blog, where the brand accompanies the niche perfumery lovers to the discovery of always new olfactory paths as well as reference articles and advice on its products.

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